To my dear friend

30,03,2017 Phnom Penh

My dear friend,

I think I am ready to answer your letters. My apology for this belated respond. You would know the reasons later. For the last 2338 days, things have been gradually progressing to various angles and directions. My dear friend, you will be tested through quite a journey. Trust me, from intellect, moral & ethics, profession, friendship, finance, to other aspects of life, you will not quite guess who you will become.

As a student, you will satisfy with the engagements you made during school holidays, those experience have been a great lesson to me. Thanks you for having done so.  Yes, you will get your first 4-flat GPA during this coming internship. Your supervisor will be pleased to have you with him. You know what, I think that you will get the offer all because you are Cambodian.  Just to be clear, make sure you keep your coolness on the interviewing day.

Life will be getting more interesting in KL. There will be lots of Buffets and weekend-gatherings in Pantai Hill Park (Ah, you will be staying there for almost a year, so don’t worry about any inconvenience). You won’t know what I mean, but with the friends surround you, you will be kinda been upgraded. Watch out, you will spend most of what you earn too. That’s okay. Just do it.  Apart from being better, you will be getting heavier. I’m sorry, I couldn’t align myself with your ideal weight, it keeps getting worse! I just couldn’t balance it. Still sad! from 72.5 to 85.5 … what have I done.

It starts as an internship but it sets your future career to a new technological frontier, you will become a BI consultant. Don’t know what it means? Qha ! You will know its meaning in the next 3 years! And By then, you will already be holding a senior BI position. What a remarkable journey! Well, it comes through pains and the courage. Failures awaits you, and just be ready for it.

You will be working for one multinational local company as a BI consultant right after you finish your internship. My dear! From the bottom of my heart, I wish I could hug you at this moment. Several years with this company, you will selfishly believe that you have been through such a stride of pain and happiness. But I strongly assure you that, you really are a lucky man to be grooming in that company. You will owe a great deal of kindness from the people you soon to be met there.

Knowing strangers and making friends will be your new hobby.  Some of them will be your helpful friends. One of them will intrigued you to set a new limit of sharing. You will get lots of help from them. They have been really helpful. I know you can’t wait to meet them. Within the remaining years in that vibrant city, your relationship with friends will be more mature. You genuine care really does get great return. You wouldn’t be asking for more.

By now, you would have been to many places within ASEAN countries. In the coming months, you would be travelling far northwest to the birthplace of the industrial revolution region. I am counting on this experience to set our new chapter. Well, I forgot to mention that I am in Cambodia now.

You finally got click with one special lady. It is one of a kind. It worths every seconds you spend together. I just couldn’t believe it seems so real yet almost-fantasy-like relationship. You know what! You turn out to be quite……. . ssss can’t write it here.  You will be even more surprised of the kind of person you would be when facing with who you like. You won’t believe who that person be.

What can I say about your brother? He is studying at a private university in Phnom Penh. He did not do well during his national exam. What a pity for him. But we are working to send him to his dream university oversea. We are struggling to bring him to the current scholarship requirements. He is quite far from being a suitable candidate. But I’m still optimistic with our strategy.

Lots of your seniors are married. Bong seila is living in US, Bong Dana is in Cambodia. She even has a daughter. Den got married to a cute lady. Puty has recently settled with his wife. He seems to be in checked now. Davuth is still single. But hey, we are playing badminton on weekends together with Bong Dy, Therith, and Bong Socheat (married). Sokheang just got married. For you record, he will become your closed junior while working in KL. There will be lots of things you will be enjoying together. You don’t see that comming, do you? You junior Sopha and Diamond Leap are single. Their looks have been upgraded marvellously. Sopha will be studying in EU and continue her career over there. Diamond Leap will be in working in North America. What a achievement they have made. I missed the time when we were all at school and how they challenged Eang Nan during our gathering. It was so funny, I could still remember how grateful I was when being with them. Wait, Vanneth is the first to get married. He did it even before his convocation day. And his wife looks just like she was made for him. They really look good together. You will soon meet new Cambodian new comers. Therith Junior, Daro have quite a character on their own. These two will give you a contrast diversity of how youngsters act. They will sometimes amaze you with subtle way of new fresh ideas. I sometimes wonder If I could ever have fun like them. You will know about Hor Yin, Sophea, Thy, Hai, Ban Som, and Narin. They are new Master Candidates. Together with Bong Dana, we will be having memorable gathering and trips together. Love them all you can, they are just lovely.

Ly sok lay just god married, I attend his wedding too. I am happy for him. Many of our highschool friends are doing quite impressive. Everyone has their own business and family to take care of. I am proud of who they have become. Mr Marnch will be a great Math teacher, Chantrea will be a prosecutor, Buntha will be a doctor (he opens his clinic at his house), Kang lalin (doctor), Chompamony(married, Master in Nursery from Australia, 1 son), Mr Lonchh ( married, EE specialist), Mr DJ Tab (DJ, and Police)

Oh, Thuy and Sabrina got married. Pat is still available. Wait, you will be working with Diyana too in KL. She will always be helpful to you. We still occasionally chat through facebook. Thuy is doing fine. I am grateful for her journey. Sabrina has a baby. She will be getting married to the guy you soon meet when you go to KL soon. Wait, you will even attend their wedding too.

Ah, in the near future, you will be making a few investment mistakes that will cost you lots of your saving. I know I should have warned you earlier. Well, you started one failed business too. What a pity and dummy of you to venture in that.

Apart from this, a few prominent leaders in Cambodia will be passing away. One of them is so prominent that will shock the country to its grieve. Through it, Cambodian youths will find more reasons to participate in social initiatives. The new generation will amaze you to no end. I really proud to see so much change from how youth has changed.

By now, Facebook is so popular in Cambodia. It has been gaining its ground through information sharing and comment postings. You won’t believe what people do with it. And Cambodians have been learning to make use of it gradually. I can say, it is for the betterment of the society before we set some rules on. The public outcries of government actions have been swiftly criticized. The government listens and has responded in a more mature manner. There will be more powerful companies that you will enjoy having them. Watch out for Uber, Waze, MyTaxi, GrabCar, FB messenger, Pokemon Go ( rediculous game you ever seen), AirAsia, MicroStrategy, SAP , QlickView, Tableau, MicrosoftPowerBi,CityAct, HostelWorld, Agoda, Linkin. Among them, SAP would give you a stark expectation of what you would do with it. Let me give you a hint friend, with its BI tools, you will make a man out of this. Never before that have I felt so real about what I know, but this technology will put you on the front row of advanced analyst on par with analyst in the world. You will be very confident with this tool and by it, you somehow inseparable.

Good deeds really answer your childhood prays. You had been as well as will be having people surround you with kindness, wisdom, companionship. Malaysians changed you, Malaysians groomed you, Malaysians made you proud, Malaysians brought you hope, Malaysians taught your life. I just couldn’t believe you have been so blessed. With clear consciousness, and a sense of propriety, you found a life with less stress and burden. Buddhism will teach you more. You will be enlightened with the environment of serenity. Don’t pray for what you can achieve, go for it and share its wisdom. A rewarding life is a path full of smiles and simplicity.

Daddy is looking for your future partner in the meantime. I am quite skeptical to how it will play out, but I have been positive with his encouragement. A bit excited and a bit worried. Your friends, Var is with you too. And he is always teasing about your choice of person you wish to be with. Well, we are getting closed now than ever. He has been promoting many of his business ideas, I think, I have no choice but to work on it. I always knew that you are good, but I think you are not that good in your business.

Much can be written yet its true experience can’t be laid out just by reading. Only you can feel how I have felt. Life has been pleasing you. My friend, till now, I have sponsored 2 trips for our parents to see you there. I have also sent your brother along with 2 cousins too. I really am happy for what you will do. By now, I have been to many parts of ASEAN capital cities except Brunei and Manila. Through these trips, I have been a changed man. Thanks you for having the courage to do all this for me.

I have done quite a few life decision mistakes, I wish I could have sent it right after I wrote this letter. Who knows, you might just as irrational as I have been or far better than who I am now. (<>) Funny, isn’t it? Regardless of what mistakes I acknowledged now, I would probably stood on my decision as I thought it would be for the best. Whether you receive this letter in time, I believe we both can’t change your future. My love has always been for you. You should be smiling! I can guarantee you, you overall performance is satisfactory. Keep in mind, you are the only person whose decisions matter most.



Phnom Penh, Solution BI Cambodia










Prince Wedding In England 29 04 2011


Yes, Today has come. Remember the time when we watch Movies about Prince and Princes, we always wish we were them. IF it can’t be for ever, what about 1 days in the main hall of joyful ceremony, which in our case is Wedding. Not quite real, but today, we can see the real one. Not just anyone, even I Cambodian, have also been captivated by the news and on of the great even in the history of modern dynasty. Wish you all happy and May all our pray and wishes reaches you. …

The world is all eyes to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So the question is, where can you watch this momentous event live? According to the official site for the royal wedding, we can watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton live stream at the Royal Wedding Channel. This royal wedding channel, together with a live multi-media blog will bring the world the details of wedding.

The wedding will be held at Westminster Abbey. Before the service, there will be a royal wedding procession which will pass through some of London’s most famous landmarks. The wedding reception, which will be hosted by the queen, will be at the Buckingham Palace.
The official Site 
Royal Channel

Letter to Oveno 2015 episode 2

Dear Oveno,

You might be surprised to see another letter that you just received yesterday. The truth is, there are a number of friends who want to get to know you too. Davuth, Sopha, Srey Pich and Bong Seila, they are really eager to know you too. I know you still keep in touch with them. Don’t you?

Ah, I just finish my final presentation today. I only wait for the FYP presentation only. I am quite excited and you know what this Friday we will a farewell party for Raingsei, Vuthy and me. Do you still remember how the event was conducted? Were you surprised ? Did anyone prepare any script to make your feel so touch? I think No. Am I right? Or …….I am wrong. I think not.

Back to your fans here. Ah Davuth?  Is he married now? Or he is single. I pray he would already be married before 2015. You know he seems to be looking for someone these days. Can you imagine that? Ah He is married…. Did he get married by himself or your team has been struggling to find a mate for him?  Honestly speaking, now I had the feeling that your team had organized many events …. Hoy … it might be fun though. But I am not sure. You will not have been doing all that. Won’t you? Since you will be attach with work outside Cambodia. Who knows. Maybe? You change your plan. Just tell me. Ok?        Ssswho  … He is married. Who is she ? Do you know her? Is she beautiful? And most importantly did he tell you how and why he could finally convince her to marry him.  I know not only me but Sopha and Pich also want to know about it too. Tell us, … we are really really know his romance…. Oyyyy I almost bite my tongue.. So excited..  Oh, his kids too. Don’t miss that part.. And his kid’s names too.

Mmm, About Sopha and Srey Pich , you know they will also read this letter before you even read it in 2015. So I can’t say the secret and ask about them. But I can share with you something about them. We have a mutual understanding with each other, I am talking about Sopha and me. We respect each other and we did sometime share our secret too. Do you still remember? Of course you would. No more , I can’t share anymore. Srey Pich, she kinnna speak what she think. Being with her, I sometimes feel she is cute and funny. Do you still remember? Do you still recall during the the Geographical Quiz, you were the role model from Cambodia with both of them. You know what, on that very moment that I saw them once they walk and wore the high class attired, I could not find the right word to describe. My mind went blur and I just know that I was walking with two stunning angels right in the heart of chancellor hall.  They were beautifully undeniable. However, I only felt that when they wore that. … Kinna sad though..

Bong Seila, I will ask about her love life later. Ok. Can’t wait to know from you. Please send my regard to her too. Ok, Say hi to her and her soul mate too. Her kids must cute I presume. Oh don’t forget that you just finish reading the letter. Keep that in mind.

I am planning to write letter to you back in 2000, 2005, 2007. I have something to tell him. But you know by year 2000. You were not able to write English paragraph yet. Now, I don’t know how to solve that yet. But there were special events that I should have told you back in year 2000.

For a quick review before year 2010 ends, I will send him the contribution and achievement you made for the last ten years. So little oveno, I know you were always looking forward to know your future. But no one ever made it possible. To unveil this truth, I will send you that truth. what you should have known, and what you don’t know what will happen after 2000. But now, you will know all. Isn’t it fun? Back then, little did you know that today you are one of a kind lovely gentleman men ever wish to be… I envy you nowww….


Well, I hope I will send letter to you but not soon. I have some other topic to do too. So good luck to both of you.. Oh, you know Bong Seila is your fan now…. Can you believe that.??


Fantastic.,,  dear readers, I hope you know that this letter is secret so don’t spread Ok. Thanks.


Good luck oveno 2015


Letter to Oveno 2015

Dear Oveno,

How are you? are you happy? mmm, I just want to know how are you living in 2015. Are you still in Malaysia ? Well, I think you might still be there. Really? you are still there ? have you been to Europe yet? you should have been there. I remember you planed to do your MBA there? so you fail?……………….. you suck then. Ah, I just want to confirm with you, about the official promise you made in front of your family in 2010, have you achieved it? was the problem solved? …………. How nice is the house anyway? well, don’t forget to tell me how it looks like to you once you fulfilled it. This is a big and very challenge for you. So better be honest and tell me once you read this letter.

2015 is five years from now. Are you still an oh-so-strict and stupid-little-proud man? … I call you man. And have you seen someone you interested? I mean you fall in trap , yes, in love. so what? how is she? yes, I supposed that you about to date her or she started first. that must be awesome. NO, not cool. you better start first. By the way, is she beautiful? how many languages can she speak? Is she talented? mmmm I mean in a way that you can be with her? does she always control you? I hope you can handle that. don’t be obsess with her so much, ok? I don’t want to see you become like that.

What else I want to ask? Asa, lets me tell you about that happen in here now. Today is 4 of November 2010. It is about to change to 2011. Since it comes every 10 years, I thing 2010 is my mistake-test year. I will tell you the detail later.
Oh, Today we talk about the result of election in US, Obama lost the house. To me it is sad for him, but I like that idea that Republic come into the House.

I am about to do my internship in this December 6 to 15 July 15. Do you still remember what it was like. ? now I don’t know yet. well it is another adventure I am eager to witness. Ah, next time in 2015, you can answer this question. Ok? just tell what you think about the company and do you really meant to be there? Ah, that company is call Bizaid Technology Bhd under Victor Group. you know that. don’t you?

Your brother is entering high school now. but Mom told me that he is not studying hard as he said he would. And you know what I am quite worried of how he will become. You know, I still optimistic about your brother. I think he himself will find the way to deal with his life even in this young age. Am I wrong? how is he so far? he must be in grade 12 now. Mustn’t he? Oh, how is the educational system now? has it been improved? oh, mom and daddy are quite fine. I don’t know how they live now, since they do not share their problems with me. so I can’t tell how they live in Cambodia now. How often do you visit them? don’t use work and money as excuses, you have to go home. You know, mom always misses you. And so does daddy. well he is not healthy too. you better go home or find more money for them. Arachi? kere..,

right now is 2 am on 4 November. Tomorrow is my final subject presentation in Data Mining ( DM) . I hope it will be alright.

Wait? ah haaa, about your friends, and relatives…. how are they? How many of them have been married? 2 , 3 , or 5 ….Did you missed any of them? Try not to miss it ok? I know you want to be with them. it just that you don’t want to reveal it.

Woh, are you growing higher or fatter ? Now your height is 1.79 and weight is 72.5 kg. Don’t gain more weight . I hate seeing you getting heavy. Do you understand>? yes, it is best for you.

I end it hear first. if I still have more things. I will send you other one. Well, good luck to your work? almost forgot, where do you work now? what position? are you happy in that company? Do they recognize your contribution? Are you a good employee…? Well don’t disappoint me ? I expect more from you. so don’t forget to tell me latter.

Ah i have a motto these day,
For the best of our society, it starts from you.

Bchum Ben 2010

ផ្គរលាន់ខ្យល់បក់ទឹកស្រក់ចូលអាង  រលឹមមិនស្វាងតែមិនពេញពាង

ថាចូលខែអីបានមិនព្រមភ្លៀង យាយថាមីនាង ខែភ្ជុំណាចៅ។

១រោជភទ្របទ  បុរាណចារទុកចូរចៅកុំវៀង

ដាំបាយដាក់បាត្រទាំងព្រឹកព្រហាម   សូមសុខសាន្តត្រាន្តបានដល់ផៅញាតិ។

មឹងៗ ម៉ោង៣ អ្នកណាធ្វើអ្វី ឮស្គររថើន

យាយថាព្រះសង្ឃ ទូងស្គរឱតើន ហៅអស់គ្នាយើងមន្តចូលសាលា។

គ្រលួចអ្វីម្លេះ លោកសូត្រអីចេះ យូរអីម្លេះណា

យាយថាកុំមាត់ ស្តាប់លោកសូត្របារា ទើបចៅឯងណាបានបុណ្យណាចៅ។